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I'm a spiritual person, and in my heart of hearts hope everyone will find some sort of spirituality in their lives. With that said I do not believe that unbelievers can be forced into becoming believers by threats of violence, or the creation of laws demanding religious adherence . Violence and threat only breed confusion, resistance, and eventually..war,much like what we see in the vibrantly strange LEARNING HEBREW:A Gothsploitaion Movie.

LEARNING HEBREW introduces us to a world where the goverment has succedded in implimenting laws demanding all citizens dismiss the idea of natural selection and accept that the world was created by an inteligent creator, to counteract this, Bella and her group of Goth party-kid friends have taken to traveling door to door to spread the message of Charles Darwin, But they do not stand unopposed in their journey as they are continuous attacked by a pair of over enthusiastic Agnostics. Things get worse when The Atheist Revolution Army (a group obsessed with meeting violence with violence and killing anyone who adheres to religious doctrine as well as those who refuse to act in violence against those people) Take an active stand in things.

With it's dark message, Vibrant colors, almost otherworldly characters and strange stoytelling teqnique which ignores the relevencey of time, logic, and in fact revelency itself, LEARNING HEBREW is one of the most unique viewing expirences you're likely to ever see.
If you're looking for a comparison to another film I'd venture to compare it to Trainspotting, only due to it's subjective elements and bizzare, yet gripping imagry.

The religious fanatics are likely to dismiss this film as a propeganda movie pushing atheism but i beg to differ. The underlying message i got from this film was the hypocritical nature of those on both sides of the argument.
Take the Goverment in this story, pushing what they supposedly believe is a universal truth, but having such fear of such a small group of unbelivers as to meet them with violence, they are the ones who claim to believe in a higher calling from a creator of some sort and yet they are the ones destroying life and creating a docturine of fear where any true God would want them spreading one of love and peace.

The supposed opposite found in The Atheist Revolution Army is really a carbon copy of the government's reign of terror, doing the exact same thing by trying to force believer's to give up their belief through violence, terror and a demand that they adhere to no Religious doctrine.

The middle ground found in Bella and her group is the most hypocritical of all however for a number of reasons.
The most obvious of which being the Goth lifestyle combined with the Atheist idea..You'd be hard pressed to find a lifestyle more ritualistic and symbol obsessed then the goths, from the elaborate makeup to the tribal-like dance parties, The Goth lifestyle could be considered a religion in and of itself!

But the hypocrisy of this group is much farther reaching then that. This a group that will only consume vegan food and claim to shun violence, but live within a world of self mutilation and have no quarrels whatsoever about kidnapping a homeless man, forcefully piercing his septum, apparently drugging him and then bringing him to a dance club and then later in the story leaving the same homeless man in the street to die, after they mow him down with their Van just because to call an ambulance would make them late to a party!
These kids aren't true atheists because they do believe in the worship of something..The worship of self and the pursuit of mindless self indulgence (which..technically speaking would make them satanists but..who am i to label?)

I saw this film as more of a social comentary on how self serving all of us, religious and nonreligious alike are becoming as we all adhere to a preset idea and become so obsessed with it that we loss our humanity completely. That it doesn't matter wheter we adhere to belief or the denouncing of belief, fanaticism is fanaticism and in the end if we completely dedicate ourselves beyond thought to any system of thought, no matter what it is, be it religion or natural selection, we close ourselves to learning and adapting and in doing so lose our humanity

I give this film no middle fingers up. It's a wild ride and one that is truly one of a kind. If you want a film that will lead to some interesting and thought provoking philosophical discussions and debates amongst friends. then this is defiantly your movie.


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